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5 spices every Grenadian kitchen should have

The other day, I almost had a kitchen disaster. I was preparing sweet potato pone and couldn’t find any ginger. As I headed to my aunt’s house I realised that maybe it wasn’t as much […]

Soul Food: When your future father-in-law is Mr. Gidharee

Green Days By The River by Michael Anthony was that coming of age book for coming of age people. Although it wasn’t on our secondary-school reading list, I found a copy and quickly dived into […]

What you need to know before eating Charcoal Ice Cream

As soon as you saw this black ice cream on Buzzfeed or Huffpost Taste, you thought “WTH?!”  But admit it, behind the shock you’re intrigued enough to try it out. So what’s in it? And […]

How Flavor Forecast 2018 will change the way you see Caribbean Cuisine

Here’s my new year ritual. Once I’ve finished goal setting and vision boarding, I quickly click McCormick.com. This company provides global consumers with a wide variety of spices no matter if you’re in India, Spain or […]

Oui Papa! It’s Ice Cream

Last year I ran a poll on Grenada’s favourite ice cream flavour and although I didn’t capture the entire population, I’d like to think that Nutmeg’s victory is a pretty accurate estimation. But can I […]

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