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I realized how much I had taken island life for granted. I remember as a kid how I would dig away all the plantain seeds when my parents weren’t watching, and shudder at the thought of callaloo and ochro. But there’s nothing like being forced to drink boxed coconut water and the inability to find the ingredients to your beloved national dish to wreck your convictions.

Now I can pick my own coconuts and have real coconut water in my smoothie. I’ve even grown to love the pesky birds and lizards that appear in my kitchen ever so often (everyday!). Because if the animals want a piece of it, then you know it’s good.

This blog isn’t aimed at omnivores, pescatarians, iifymers, vegans, rawstars, smoothie freaks or what ever category you fall into. It’s for anyone who wants to understand where their food comes from. I firmly believe we appreciate things better when we see the effort and value placed upon it. Sometimes this may be a festival promotion, one on one interview, nutrition and kitchen hacks or product reviews. Any person who’s making it happen in the our little food universe, expect to read about them here.

In the Caribbean we can pick breakfast, catch lunch and roast dinner, we get to walk and talk to our food. I no longer take this for granted. And if you want a glimpse of this kind of life, then you are in the right place, so keep reading!

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