Author: <span class="vcard">Kizzy Rennie</span>

Tropical Rice

Everyone has their personal convictions. Unbreakable and unshakeable, until it breaks and shatters all over the floor. Mine has always been putting pineapple in unsavory positions. For instance, it took me a really long time […]

This Christmas: Dining Out

Maybe you haven’t visited home in decades or you’re coming to Grenada for the first time on the invite of a friend (a very wise friend, I might add). Or probably you have a deep […]

The Other Guy

It’s Cashew season again and the earth’s pink carpet has been spread. And in the Caribbean, it is very easy to get caught up with the pink, juicy cashews that are borne from these blossoms. […]

The Clarke’s Court Christmas Bake Off

Nothing says Christmas in the Caribbean like baking. We know that right? A moist, black cake of decadent fruit is like Christmas currency. It’s really not a question of if, but a question of how […]

Soul Food: When your future father-in-law is Mr. Gidharee

Green Days By The River by Michael Anthony was that coming of age book for coming of age people. Although it wasn’t on our secondary-school reading list, I found a copy and quickly dived into […]

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