Category: Chocolate Sundays

House of Chocolate, Eden of Cocoa

Before its official opening, the House of Chocolate was a well-kept secret. My well-kept secret. I’d find myself there multiple times a week. I soon realized it wasn’t just about the chocolate. This was cocoa […]

Chocolate Sundays: Sparkling Chocolate Evening

It’s the end of the year and this is also the last Chocolate Sunday of 2017. We got big plans for 2018 but before we get into that, let’s wrap things up with a little […]

Chocolate Sundays: Learning how to cook with Chocolate at Grenada Chocolate Fest 2017

The growing empire that is Grenadian Chocolate is not one to be ignored.  My parents’ era was all about ‘playing under the coco’ and drinking cocoa tea. My older siblings were part of the milk […]

Chocolate Sundays: Guinness and Jouvay Chocolate Cake

Thanks to the Grenada Chocolate fest, I’m all in my feelings, all the time, about chocolate and all the things I can do with it. I’ve had River Antoine Rum truffles at the Bon Bon shop […]

Chocolate Sundays: Diamond Estate

Just in case you didn’t know, Sundays are specially carved out so that we can reset the week. A couple years ago, I resided in Mainland China and the theory of Sunday reset was a […]

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