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New Year, New Habits

The funniest thing happened to me last year. I set a fitness goal to shed a certain number of pounds in January and  guess what? I achieved it in February. Getting to funny part, I […]

How to survive on an Isle of Bites?

Alas the rains have come, so we can make it official. It’s mango season. I should be happy. But as the lushness of my Ceylon trees melt into yellow hues of ripeness my tummy turns […]

Book of the Month: Caribbean Smoothies by Taymer Mason

Grenada’s Independence is right around the corner and I’m salivating about the celebratory Oil Down that will touch my lips on February 7th. Except that it won’t. I started detoxing in the month of January by […]

5 ways: Mango

It’s here! Mango season is full on. Gosh I watched green mangoes on the trees for months waiting for this moment. And so it begins; picking buckets of mangoes and forgoing dinner because 10 mangoes […]

5 ways to Detox a Caribbean Christmas

It had been three days. I was washing my hands to get rid of the evidence (ham pinching is an art) and as the water glazed over my hands, I had to ask the question. […]

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