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What is Isle of Bites?

After studying abroad for 5 years, surrounded by giant sun-blocking constructs and eating fruits that tasted like tap water and flavour aid, I longed for home. My studies were also complete so um, didn’t really […]

Tropical Rice

Everyone has their personal convictions. Unbreakable and unshakeable, until it breaks and shatters all over the floor. Mine has always been putting pineapple in unsavory positions. For instance, it took me a really long time […]

Sorrel Chocolate and Double Sorrel Mint Cocktail Pt. 2

Now unto the drinks. Sorrel has a beautiful, clean taste that every Caribbean native refines….. with the addition of rum. So discovering sorrel wine was like cheese stuffed crust pizza, built in goodness. Adding this wine […]

Sorrel Chocolate and Double Sorrel Mint Cocktail Pt. 1

Do you get bored of celebrating your birthday every year? No! Of course not. Who would get tired of choosing the perfect outfit for a fancy dinner and being surprised by cake. Or surprising yourself […]

New Year, New Salads

Did anyone make new year resolutions with a ton of dietary restrictions after saturating their bodies with salts, sugars and fats for the past 2 weeks?  Which means,  you are already coming up with excuses to […]

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