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What is Isle of Bites?

After studying abroad for 5 years, surrounded by giant sun-blocking constructs and eating fruits that tasted like tap water and flavour aid, I longed for home. My studies were also complete so um, didn’t really […]

Made in Grenada Expo 2017

I stood on the Queen’s Park bridge as my skin tingled and it brought a smile to my face. It’s one thing to wear red, green and yellow from hair strand to toe nail and […]

Chocolate Sundays: Learning how to cook with Chocolate at Grenada Chocolate Fest 2017

The growing empire that is Grenadian Chocolate is not one to be ignored.  My parents’ era was all about ‘playing under the coco’ and drinking cocoa tea. My older siblings were part of the milk […]

Chasing Pigs at Cabier

I woke up Saturday morning to a room filled with the smell of  adventure. It was one of those days when you knew excitement awaited you beyond the door. I would not be surprised if […]

Blossom of the Month: Wax Apple
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