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Savor the City with Savor the Spice: Grenada’s Culinary Tour

I drove along the Western Coast last night and…what a roller-coaster of flavour! Nothing could distract me from the bubbling pots, meat on the grill and bread-baking that mapped the road from Gouyave to Sauteurs. […]

Made in Grenada Expo 2017

I stood on the Queen’s Park bridge as my skin tingled and it brought a smile to my face. It’s one thing to wear red, green and yellow from hair strand to toe nail and […]

How Flavor Forecast 2018 will change the way you see Caribbean Cuisine

Here’s my new year ritual. Once I’ve finished goal setting and vision boarding, I quickly click This company provides global consumers with a wide variety of spices no matter if you’re in India, Spain or […]

House of Chocolate, Eden of Cocoa

Before its official opening, the House of Chocolate was a well-kept secret. My well-kept secret. I’d find myself there multiple times a week. I soon realized it wasn’t just about the chocolate. This was cocoa […]

Grenada’s Top 5 Ice Cream Flavours

I’m not here to argue whether or not Ice Cream is a Grenadian thing. In fact, I am not here to argue at all. Facts are when the sun’s obnoxious rays drench your melanin with […]

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