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This Christmas: Dining Out

Maybe you haven’t visited home in decades or you’re coming to Grenada for the first time on the invite of a friend (a very wise friend, I might add). Or probably you have a deep […]

Oui Papa! It’s Ice Cream

Last year I ran a poll on Grenada’s favourite ice cream flavour and although I didn’t capture the entire population, I’d like to think that Nutmeg’s victory is a pretty accurate estimation. But can I […]

Moonlight Dinner at Sails Grenada

Island moons would fool you into thinking you can touch them. It’s mesmerising to watch alone but even more enjoyable with 3 things: people, music and food. Although a beach picnic or outdoor live entertainment […]

Chasing Pigs at Cabier

I woke up Saturday morning to a room filled with the smell of ¬†adventure. It was one of those days when you knew excitement awaited you beyond the door. I would not be surprised if […]

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