House of Chocolate, Eden of Cocoa

Before its official opening, the House of Chocolate was a well-kept secret. My well-kept secret. I’d find myself there multiple times a week. I soon realized it wasn’t just about the chocolate. This was cocoa haven. Like some how, they created their own chocolate oxygen and so every time I opened to door, it was like entering my own Eden.


It’s truly a house in the sense of the word. To your right, you are walked through a garden of cocoa where resident guide, Dane, right under the sign that proclaims ‘Cocoa, food of the gods’, takes you through the decadent history of Cacao. The story of the first cocoa plant and even grinding the very beans and creating your own earthy, beany scent marks your first real encounter and is like pushing the restart button on everything you thought you loved about chocolate.

hoc ground.jpg

All this work is rewarded at the kitchen. The array of options are simple yet time stopping. As in, you’ll take forever to decide on what to eat.

hoc cupcakes
Cupcakes at Independence

Chocolate infused with tropical flavours of passion fruit, vanilla, orange and pistachio, cupcakes with spiced frosting and everyone’s favorite chocolate cake cheesecake. Sweet Mercy! Then, you can wash all this down with an espresso or have homemade ice cream on the side.

hoc cheesecake
Life changing Cheesecake

Take it over to the living room of comfy pillows chocolate drop tables with a good book or a good friend (the same thing really). I’ve spent not one too many evenings here after a stressful day.


The ‘bedrooms’ take you back to the childhood memories of dress up in the vanity mirror with  jewelry, hats and clothing that are all authentically grenadian.

hoc clothes

And of course the servers and cashiers are so friendly, that you truly feel at ease. I can’t think of more reasons you need to pay this house visit.

When chocolate calls, just answer~

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