Chocolate Sundays: Sparkling Chocolate Evening

It’s the end of the year and this is also the last Chocolate Sunday of 2017. We got big plans for 2018 but before we get into that, let’s wrap things up with a little celebration, shall we?

Any event named Sparkling Chocolate Evening was not to be missed. Apparently the rain held the same opinion and settled itself over our location-Rumboat Retreat at Mt. Nesbit. However I assure you, wherever there’s Grenadians and Chocolate, there’s fun times. The night was ushered in with Sorrel Champagne Chocolate, Champagne and DJ Gazz serving up some hits including Milli Vanilli’s “Blame it on the rain“. Don’t you love a DJ with a sense of humor and who never needs to play Palance?

Sparkling Chocolate Evening 3
sparkling chocolate
Sparkling Chocolate Evening 4
Sparkling Chocolate Evening 6
Sparkling Chocolate Evening 5
Sparkling Chocolate Evening 7
Sparkling Chocolate Evening  8
White Chocolate
Lemongrass and ginger
Sparkling Chocolate Evening 9

Kareem and the Back in Time Band serenaded the rain away for a bit while we savored the chocolate spread: Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Coconut and Rum Cream frostings, Chocolate Cheesecake and Chocolate Rum Cake. These pairings envisioned by Lisette Davis and Sydney Duprey were spot on! My mind still wonders about the ones we missed due to the unsuitable weather.

We eventually left the chocolate buffet and parked at the bar; the land of flowing rum punch and delicious hors d’oeuvrs. There we were served meatballs, seafood pastries, ribs and lambie waters with perfectly balanced flavors; all warm and on time.

And I absolutely loved my take-away Lemongrass and Gingerbeer Bon-Bons; candied ginger whipped in lemongrass infused cream. I hate to be this person but I have to say it. You should’ve been there. Don’t let 2018 catch you slipping. Chocolate KISSES and see you at the next one!

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