New Year, New Habits

The funniest thing happened to me last year. I set a fitness goal to shed a certain number of pounds in January and  guess what? I achieved it in February. Getting to funny part, I regained it in 2 months and never lost it again. It wasn’t a complete failure though. I honed my salad making skills (no one likes to dine like a bunny), fell in love with smoothies again and intentionally lived a vegetarian lifestyle for ten months. It wasn’t my longest streak but it was my healthiest thanks to some tips and tricks I picked up along the way.

new year new habits
Cassava Bammie

The reason for my rapid weight loss was a prolonged Daniel Fast. And although it wasn’t a crash diet, I wasn’t prepared for such digestive rigours. This year, I’m giving myself another chance to get it right by implementing some healthy habits. It is so much easier to consistently walk to and from the lunch stop than trying to wake up at 5:00 a.m. everyday for a morning run. Or having a cheat meal once a month, instead of banishing cheesecake indefinitely. Here are some other ideas that you can use to achieve a healthy lifestyle as desired.

New Chocolate

2017 was the Year Of Chocolate for me, from touring two chocolate factories in one day to experiencing my first chocolate mini salon. Although I had converted to dark -chocolate consumption for quite a number of years already, I’ve gained such a deeper appreciation and as a result, a desire to utilise all parts of the cocoa. This means I have a steamy cup of cocoa every morning. Besides the major advantages of longer satiety and easier bowel movement, spice spiked cocoa tea just tastes good. So does rum spiked but let’s leave that for another time. Cocoa shells brew another type of delicious tea and cocoa nibs give smoothies life. The most enjoyable practice though is snacking on local chocolate bars like GCF’s Sea Salt and Jouvay’s Ginger. And while we are allowing ourselves to have favorites, Rococo’s Pure Spice is a new crush. Effortless health benefits as defined by dark chocolate. Just eat it.

Dark Chocolate Nutrition via Dr. Axe

New Shots

Noni Benefits via

It’s time to bring back an old favourite. During my last year of high school, my dad introduced me to his stinky best friend-Morinda Citrofloria. He had been brewing and consuming a couple bottles of this pungent juice with very enviable results. Lowered cholesterol, trimmer waist line and a very effecient neural system. That’s when I realized that the benefits of Noni wasn’t exaggerated.

You can purchase Noni juice at any MNIB depot or prepare your own brew. But always consume according to the recommended dosage.

New Teas

I’m not a professionally herbalist friends but with the right amount of research, I am willing to be my own lab rat. Tea brewing is proven to release the most nutrients and antioxidants. I’m choosing teas that are flavorful so that I won’t be tempted to any sweeteners. Kujoe Root, Sorrel and Puer teas are just some of the teas I plan to sip during the year so you never know, a tea bag tutorial maybe on the horizon.

New Sweeteners

Another lesson I learnt from that Daniel Fast was a sad truth: I have a sugar addiction. The only thing I craved at the end of the day was something sweet, which a smoothie barely satisfied. I will take charge of this weakness by substituting my usual sweeteners and eventually avoiding them all together. Cinnamon imparts a subtle sweetness and is popular among diabetics. Fruits like banana, mango and papaya completely removes the need for sugar in smoothies and goes a long way in breads and cakes. Molasses, which I’m still learning how to use, is so comprehensive. It consists of amino acids, minerals and vitamins unlike empty, refined sugars.

What are some of the healthy habits you’ll implement this year? Sound off in the comment section below!

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