• Chocolate Sundays: Sparkling Chocolate Evening

  • Chocolate Sundays: Guinness and Jouvay Chocolate…

  • Chocolate Sundays: Mini Salon and Tasting at Grenada Chocolate Festival 2017

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New Year, New Habits

The funniest thing happened to me last year. I set a fitness goal to shed a certain number of pounds in January and  guess what? I achieved it in February. Getting to funny part, I […]

Chocolate Sundays: Sparkling Chocolate Evening

It’s the end of the year and this is also the last Chocolate Sunday of 2017. We got big plans for 2018 but before we get into that, let’s wrap things up with a little […]

This Christmas: Dining Out

Maybe you haven’t visited home in decades or you’re coming to Grenada for the first time on the invite of a friend (a very wise friend, I might add). Or probably you have a deep […]

Soul Food: Logos Hope visits Grenada

Once you learn to read, you will be free forever- Frederick Douglass Here. Finally. I felt such peace. Unperturbed by the rocking ship, daunting stairs or the life boats suspended 100 ft above. It had […]

Savor the City with Savor the Spice: Grenada’s Culinary Tour

I drove along the Western Coast last night and…what a roller-coaster of flavour! Nothing could distract me from the bubbling pots, meat on the grill and bread-baking that mapped the road from Gouyave to Sauteurs. […]

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