Chasing Pigs at Cabier

I woke up Saturday morning to a room filled with the smell of  adventure. It was one of those days when you knew excitement awaited you beyond the door. I would not be surprised if this was the exact feeling Columbus had the morning he boarded the Santa Maria with hopes of discovering India. That should be a clear hint to the kind of adventure is ahead.

As a food blogger, most adventures are dictated by my tummy. Today was no different. Place to visit: Cabier Ocean Lodge. I first heard about this lodge from the owners themselves, Bruno and Iris, at a tea and fair last year. They invited me to try out their food and to spend time at the animal sanctuary but I had completely forgotten. Luckily my friend recently became head over heels in love with the place and so stars aligned, I found my way back into their lives.

Iris was very hospitable and patient with us as we tried to decide on an eating spot. The balcony was shaded by a mango tree which was no match for the raging breezes of the Atlantic Ocean in our view. The steady afternoon drizzle didn’t help, but we didn’t travel this far to be cooped up in the dining hall, so balcony it was. After all, we did live through Hurricane Ivan, you know, him-that-should-not-be-named.

We were offered the day menu which features simple but relatable German-inspired dishes from appetizers to dessert. However, please note that if you are vegetarian, salad and soup is your only option. We finally settled on Mixed Vegetable Salad, Cauliflower Soup and Salmon Tarte Flambée.

whole lunch

As an appetizer, this warm soup was filled with creamy, home made goodness. It’s actually the reason my friend wanted to return to the lodge. The cauliflower taste is not at all overwhelming and it was very hard to eat this soup slowly.

cauliflower soup

My ‘main dish’ was the salad below. If you read my previous post, you would know that for me, salad making is a scientific skill. Innovation is non-negotiable. So I was very pleased with what Iris styled here. Fruit and veggies were well varied and balanced, dressing was the right amount of tart. This salad was everything I wished the world would be; all races and creeds united under flower power.


Do you see this Tart Flambee? Really look at it. Imagine that you are reaching for a slice and as you hands touch this light dough, you are immediately assured that there are only good things to come, a very delicate combination of cream and herbs. I could not indulge in much of it due to dietary restrictions but the little I had, I enjoyed.

lunch 2


This light meal was conveniently paired with very heavy discussion of Trump politics, the intricacies of Grenada’s revolution and the future of our economy with the conclusion of structural adjustment. Yes, quite weighty stuff. So a post-lunch perusal of the compound was necessary.

Now when you leave the balcony, there’s a clearing that leads to a gazebo where you can view Crochu Bay or follow a stairway to the ocean itself.

Crochu Bay

We found these guys at the bottom of the stairway, enjoying the rhythmic salty sprays.

As you can see, everything was quite calm…..


Until we were getting ready to leave the restaurant. We had just passed the vegetable garden, realizing that everything we ate was clean, organic and fresh.

edible flower 3
edible flower
donkey farm

Suddenly, we heard commotion. Not denying that inbred Grenadian curiosity, commonly known as macosciousness, we ran towards the noise to find not one but two ‘runaway’ pigs.

pig 1

I put on my best Aussie/Steve Irwin accent, but Napoleon and Snowball were not having it.

second runaway

With all the action over, our final stop was the Petting Zoo and Animal Sanctuary. Although Bruno wasn’t present, we learnt that many of the animals there had been injured and rescued or previously orphans. They get to call Cabier, home and Bruno, Daddy, while continuing their existence in a safe environment.


This guy was intense with the stare downs and intentional with the finger grabbing.

monkey 2

These two, however, were double trouble. After running off with the baby bottle nipple, they still tried to grab the entire bottle. Like is you naughty or is you mischevious (in my best Birdman impression).

monkey 4

In the same way that Columbus embraced his discovery of a Western India, lunch at Cabier was quite enjoyable, with high winds and high stakes. Turns out I’m not that great of a pig hunter but that’s because I’m busy chasing dreams.






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