Made in Grenada Expo 2017

I stood on the Queen’s Park bridge as my skin tingled and it brought a smile to my face. It’s one thing to wear red, green and yellow from hair strand to toe nail and it’s another to wear fervour, hard work and happiness into the very threads of your labour. This is the definition of national pride. Made in Grenada Expo showcased our people in true pursuit of independence: freedom from mental shackles and dominion over concrete jungles. We are winning Grenada! I pray that one member of every family will catch the vision. What’s the vision? Hope will cause hands knit dreams into reality. Don’t lose hope my people. We will make it.

Brands to watch

Many brands were on display at the expo but here’s a highlight of the businesses breaking ground in the areas of flavour, creativity and presentation of local product. (Click to enlargen)

Henwood Products


Caribbean Naturals


Henry B

Annette’s Confectionery 

Southern Fishermen


Summer Juices


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