What is Isle of Bites?

After studying abroad for 5 years, surrounded by giant sun-blocking constructs and eating fruits that tasted like tap water and flavour aid, I longed for home. My studies were also complete so um, didn’t really have a choice. But it was the best thing that happened to me.

peas 1
The consciousness of well being is ample reward-Sr. Gabriella Mason

I realized how much I had taken island life for granted. I remember as a kid how I would dig away all the plantain seeds when my parents weren’t watching, and shudder at the thought of callaloo and ochro. Then sitting down for hours to shell peas and clean sorrel calyxes at Christmas time. But there’s nothing like being forced to drink boxed coconut water and the inability to find the ingredients to your beloved national dish to wreck your convictions.

Tropical Stash

Now I can pick my own coconuts and have real coconut water in my smoothies. I’ve even grown to love the pesky birds and lizards that appear in my kitchen ever so often (everyday!). Because if the animals want a piece of it, then you know it’s good.

The evening’s pickings

Let’s talk seasons. Not having winter is awesome, that goes without saying. But it’s the fruit seasons I’m referring. I have an expectation with the commencement of rain to eat many mangoes, avocados, pineapples. And I do mean many. That’s when everyone sings the mango song here, you know the one about the pots being turned down.  But there are times I turn my pot back up because I need curried mango, mango jam and syrup and whatever my idle hands inspire me to make. There are many others doing the same and changing the landscape of Grenadian/Tropical Food Culture, one plant at a time.

We don’t discriminate. All avocados are welcomed!

This blog isn’t aimed at omnivores, pescatarians, iifymers, vegans, rawstars, smoothie freaks or what ever category you fall into. It’s for anyone who wants to understand where their food comes from and support the people whose hard work ensure that great food can reach our table tops. I firmly believe we appreciate things better when we see the effort and value placed upon it. So when you visit this blog,  there may be a festival promotion, one on one interview, nutrition and kitchen hacks or product reviews. Any person who’s making it happen in the our little food universe, expect to read about them here.

Edible Bougainvillea

In the Caribbean we can pick breakfast, catch lunch and roast dinner; we get to walk and talk to our food. I no longer take this for granted. And if you want a glimpse of this kind of life, then you are in the right place, so keep reading!

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