Chocolate Sundays: Diamond Estate

Just in case you didn’t know, Sundays are specially carved out so that we can reset the week. A couple years ago, I resided in Mainland China and the theory of Sunday reset was a myth. The city would bustle like worker ants preparing for winter. But then again, this is the country that holds exams on Christmas Day. That being said, I do not take my Caribbean Sundays for granted. In fact, I cherish them so much, that I drench them with chocolate.

choc sculpture
Arrangement made completely from Chocolate at Diamond Estate Chocolate Store.

Few Sundays ago, I visited the quaint Diamond Estate, home to Jouvay Chocolate, which is actually a personal favourite of mine. Grenada’s Dark Chocolate options have been expanding over the years and I for one will not complain.


I love the fact that Diamond Estate is ‘by the farmers, for the farmers’. And that the necessary investments have been made to strengthen the company’s ability to export.

diamond tour guides
St. Mark’s natives and our tour guides for the day, Timna (left) and Dilonna (right)

But anyway, unto the fun stuff.  Aspiring tour guides with beautiful personalities, Timna and Dilonna, gave us a very organic tour of the factory. They even honoured our request to arrive to the shop as quickly as possible while shedding light on the factors that set Jouvay Chocolate apart from other dark chocolates produced in Grenada. I’ll let you visit to them to find out!

rows of chocolate

From Jouvay, you have the choice of Dark & Sweet or Dark & Rich chocolate bars that are either plain or flavoured with ginger, nutmeg or nibs. And if you need a little help deciding, then…

bowl 1
Sample bowls of every flavour on sale

I also took the opportunity to stock up on Cocoa Nibs. I consider them nature’s chocolate chips but I’ve had a hard time convincing my 7 year old niece and most of my family members. More nibs for me, is what that means.  And the last time I bought their cocoa butter, I simply whipped it up with other natural oils, emptied my Palmer’s container and all but started my own line of lotions . It naturally smells like chocolate too. Could you imagine stepping into the office, skin all dewy, looking like melanin dripping chocolate and ready to eat?

molico chocolate cream

Molico though, no one prepared me for. I needed advisement and not the parental kind. Because this drink was the highlight of the trip. Were there other beverages and snacks available at the cafe. Why yes of course! Did I care? Not really….

molico 2

I should mention by now that the word Jouvay is Grenadian Creole for a new dawning, which is exactly what this shot did for me. Good bye Tequila! It was nice to know you but this is kind of Sunday reset that I need. It is an artful blend of local chocolate, the strongest rum in the country, Rivers, and the original gyal dem suga, molasses. Each layer of flavour hits the tongue in waves, so that every sensation has its moment to shine, before crashing into one satiating creamy shot. Would you want your Chocolate Sundays any other way?


The Aztecs called cacao ‘Food of the Gods’ and although we don’t consume and respect it they way they did, it doesn’t mean that it has lost its value. In fact, we have found so many new ways to enjoy cacao, that we have proven that it’s possible to fall in love over and over again. If this is what marriage is like, sign me up, propose to me in a cacao stool and let us live chocolaty every after.

If you have tasted Jouvay Chocolate before, comment below your favourite flavour or let me know what flavour you think they should introduce next!

Anyone needing a personal, historical tour of St. Mark’s, be sure to contact the young ladies pictured above at St. Mark’s Environmental Operators, 418-3459(Dilonna Scott) or 538-7173 (Timna Ferguson) 

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