Grenada’s Top 5 Ice Cream Flavours

I’m not here to argue whether or not Ice Cream is a Grenadian thing. In fact, I am not here to argue at all. Facts are when the sun’s obnoxious rays drench your melanin with salty waves, an ice cream is one of the best forms of consolation; snow cone in absentia. Because if there is one thing we islanders love to do, is labasse* the sun for shining too much and then rebuke the rain when it never seems to stop falling.

Custard Ice Cream

Our first love is that classic bucket churned ice cream. The sticky-sweet custard actually embodies the transformation of back breaking work to sweet reward. Since then, we have infused this dessert with tropical flavours and indigenous cravings such as OuiPapa’s Cinnamon and Banana Bread or Sugar & Spice’s Grenada Dark Chocolate ice cream.

But don’t you have a favourite? We are so obsessed with favourties that we question the love of a partner when they can’t provide a rapid-fire response. When it comes to choosing the perfect ice cream, there is so much to consider; should it be crunchy or smooth, teeth-numbing sweet or on the salty side; And it’s not just taste. When you walk to the counter and choose that specific flavour, you hope that with each bite you will relieve that joke, tear or memory. I will never forget eating my first cone in the dimmly lit yard of Rick’s Cafe. It was a double layer of strawberry from Sugar and Spice and I was very excited. With lack of experience and jet speed anxiousness, I licked the scoop right off the cone. Some how, my reflexes were pretty good for my age so I caught both scoops in my left hand to the shady delight of my parents and their friends. Of course, I’ve made better memories since, most of them without strawberry. Don’t you want to make memories of your own? Take a look at our top flavours and then take the poll below!


  1. Coconut

    Coconut ‘Meat’ still nestled in this water nut

    It’s totally impossible to live on an island and not experience the lusciousness that is coconut. Sometimes it’s just a coconut milk base, other times we add coconut water and meat which brings you into deeper realms of enjoyment. Coconut ice cream is the epitome of island dessert.

  2. Soursop

    Fresh Soursop

    Soursop looks and taste like ice cream itself. Putting it on a cone  simply removes the hassle of seeds without removing the intensity of citrus, strawberry and pineapple notes that expand with each swallow.

  3. Power

    Guinness and Milk Snow Ice

    Buying ice cream as a child wasn’t that simple. Two flavours were considered off-limits; stout saturated Power and Rum Raisin. What our parents never knew is that we would buy Guinness and Milk in bags from the lady on Market Hill. That’s how much we love this flavour. Of course, that was back in the days. Now, everyone’s got the power.

  4. Rum and Raisin

    Under the Counter Special

    There are 4 rum factories on the island, not including the popular, forbidden under the counter. I can’t tell you which rum is used in this ice cream but there is lots of it; and it’s in the raisins.  It’s like a Christmas fruit cake in that 1/ raisins endure months of soaking 2/ every mouthful is a fruity, alcoholic punch   3/there’s no liability for any possible intoxication.

  5. Nutmeg

    DSC_0429Fresh Mace and Nutmeg

It’s the unofficial National Ice Cream flavour. It’s what we would serve the Queen instead of a spot of tea. Nutmeg ice cream is our Vanilla. Should I stop now? This treat comprises of  powdered nutmeg suspended in fluffs of cream and pairs perfectly with a warm slice of banana bread.


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*labasse is Grenadian Creole for rebuke. It comes from the French word la bassesse which means morally low, vile or sordid.

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