Savor the City with Savor the Spice: Grenada’s Culinary Tour

I drove along the Western Coast last night and…what a roller-coaster of flavour! Nothing could distract me from the bubbling pots, meat on the grill and bread-baking that mapped the road from Gouyave to Sauteurs. It was pure torture as a new scent swirled through the van. That’s when I recalled last week’s tour with Savor the Spice.

sos log


Savor the Spice is Grenada’s first culinary experience tour! They include both Trip Advisor and resident certified restaurants on the itinerary so that you taste Grenada in all its authenticity. Additionally, there are pit stops at waterfalls, forts and the rainforest. Much like my road trip, but without being martyred for your appetite. You can Savor the Country[side], Savor the City or even Sip and Savor at the hottest bars on the island. There are cooking classes available and other tours in the think tank as I type, because this company is totally committed to satisfying your culinary expectations. You can read more about how it all started on Islepreneur.

Savor the City

I’m a town baby but with Grenada’s undeniable “reurbanization”, I’ve strayed away from the things of the city. This type of tour was my chance to get reconnected to some old watering holes and discover some new ones.

Breakfast: Two Cultures Restaurant

Two Cultures Restaurant offers both Grenadian and Venezuelan cuisine but for the purpose of this tour, we obviously kept it local. Just look at how good this breakfast is, right in the middle of the Market Square.

grenadian breakfast
Mid-way through a hearty Grenadian Breakfast of Bakes, Smoked Herring Souse and a large mug of Cocoa Tea

This is definitely a champion breakfast by Grenadian standards. Bakes are usually paired with salted fish souse or fritters and served warm; then washed down with spicy, home made cocoa tea. It is considered enough to keep you until lunch time but hey, it’s an eating tour, so mentally, I was just getting started.

Souvenir Shopping: Spice Market

spice vendor
Nutmeg products being introduced

The familiar scent of the market draws you in and gives a clear insight on why we are called Isle of Spice. There are sauces, rums, syrups and jams from local producers all infused with local spices. Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, ginger, aniseed, turmeric and pimento for the sake of brevity. Whole, dried, ground or distilled. But I did say it was a spice market. And for the spice heads, Grenada only grows Ceylon Cinnamon and low toxicity Nutmeg, so you can enjoy our offerings without hesitation.

spice market
Local pepper sauce, hand rolled cocoa balls and spice infused candles and soaps

Please note that many of these items cannot be found outside of the market or beyond Grenada. So take advantage of this stop. Most products are hand-made, using locally grown or sourced ingredients and in purchasing, you’re supporting the continuation of ethical food processing.

Istra of Islepreneur joining in the fun

Being girls, we were quickly drawn to the calabash gourds, hand woven fans and hats and their complementary tropical scarves. Nothing’s wrong with playing dress up, right? But unto the next one.

Energy Boost: Coconut Water Stand

coconut woman

I drink coconut water every week but I can’t explain to you the excitement of the precise moment that the nut breaks open. The water sprayed out with equal charge and in about two minutes, nine persons had a coconut in hand. If this coconut woman bad again!

coconut jelly
The golden crossover

And there is no way that I’m drinking coconut water without eating the jelly. In fact, it’s incentive to drink quickly; if the blistering sun isn’t enough. But it’s also an opportunity to get hands-on with your food and join in the bustle and rhythm of the market. You are standing in the heart of the city; you might as well feel it beat.

Taste the Flavours: Native Foods & Fruit Smoothie Shop

Soursop – Is it a smoothie or an ice cream? Same thing in my book!

I love icy fruit smoothies so much that I make one almost every evening after work. But on the tour we used the sticky, sweet tangy mix as a pick-me-up.  Soursop is quite the conversation starter because of its multidimensional flavor. Is it pawpaw? Is it strawberry? What’s really in this cup? 

Mango Passion Smoothie paired with Soursop Smoothie

Native Foods has been crafting tropical beverages for years and their 4 outlets are proof of how good they are, so whatever is served, be it soursop or mango passion smoothie, it’s quite delicious. See the revelation is there’s more to the tropics than pineapple and coconut. It’s a kaleidoscope of guavas, tamarinds, passion fruits, star apple, seamoss and mauby that you have to be present, to truly appreciate.

Taking happy sips

Shots and Bites: Paradise Glass Gallery and Coffee Bar

rum coffee
Iced Coffee with a splash of rum. Can you handle it?

I was finally reminded of one of the things that chased me from town: Hills! Trust me, the 5 minute walk from the Market Square to the top of Grand Etang Road burnt us out. Or shall I speak for myself.

Cinnamon Swirl  Cake

Paradise Glass was a necessary pit stop and a city oasis added to my personal list. Not only is Ms. McClafferty a world renowned glassmith and artist but her skill extends to the kitchen.

Smoked Sail Fish Bruschetta

We were treated to smoked sail bruschetta, cake and coffee liquor on the most abstract glass tables and dinnerware. With the memories of the hill behind, we delved into more food for thought, discussing present and future? grand babies and the in betweens of life. It was such a comfortable space!

Views: The Nutmeg Bar and Restaurant


The Carenage is beautiful by day or night and The Nutmeg offers you the best view of it all.

Nutmeg collage

Chicken Roti served with Soursop Juice (not pictured)

Yes. Lunch finally! Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to eat an entire one. (I know someone who would be very happy to hear that.) But roti is so good, how could you not want to. This type of roti is enjoyed by both Grenadians and their creators, Trinidadians due to our mutual love for curry. And The Nutmeg always gets curry right!

Hidden Pleasures: House of Chocolate

If Grenada is the Chocolate Capital of the Caribbean, House of Chocolate proudly serves as its Embassy.

hoc cheesecake

A House of Chocolate best seller

You guys know I love House of Chocolate and the reasons are too many to count. But the fact that they still serve this chocolate cheesecake that I fell in love with on my first visit AND added many new chocolate treats is reason number one.

House of Chocolate collage

The air is perfumed with chocolatey molecules before you crack open the demonstration cocoa pod. After going through the bean to bar process display and learning a little of Grenada’s cacao history and future, it’s back to eating. The hope is that you left room for dessert. Cheesecake and ice cream rounds out lunch and brings the tour to a close with purchases of Grenada’s organic chocolate brands.


addie collage

Every successful food tour begins with an empty belly, willing palate and wonderful tour guide. Addie is amazing, knowledgeable and very confident! There is this certainty about her that tells you, your tummy is in good company. And now you have this article as double assurance.


Look out for future reviews on other tours available from Savor the Spice.

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