Soul Food: Logos Hope visits Grenada

Once you learn to read, you will be free forever- Frederick Douglass

Here. Finally. I felt such peace. Unperturbed by the rocking ship, daunting stairs or the life boats suspended 100 ft above.

It had been a tough week. Followed by one of those weekends where Friday never said goodbye and Monday slipped in without being noticed. It also happened to be last day of the Logos Hope Book Fair and I made it just in time.

Image by Logos Hope Visits Grenada

I was that child whose fears of poor eyesight would be lost in the dim shadows of Enid Blyton. And pursuits of CXC Geography were buried beneath the romance novel sandwiched by my text book . It was a greater escape that any wheat in Alberta could offer.

Of course with time, my taste evolved. The once captivating plots of romance lost their appeal unless it was artfully disguised by crime and murder. It wasn’t the deaths that I found enjoyable but the journey to truth. It mimicked my life in the sense that I was also on my own journey to truth.

Naturally, my book choices also reflected that journey. The lower shelves of my bookcase house rainbow coloured fairy tales for my visiting nieces and nephews; the middle is no man land where university texts and aged recipes books find commonality. On my top shelves are inspirational, motivational and study guides to life. I even make good use of the Kindle app; keeping tons of books in rotation because honestly, who finishes an entire book in one sitting any more?

The Logos Book Ship also had its memories. I remember the excitement of docking the big boat on the Carenage and walking through never ending rows of books.

By God’s own doing, I also got a BTS ship tour, seeing how the volunteers lived, prayed, served and performed. All before purchasing my desired books.

In this stage of my life, it’s about walking in purpose, proclaiming God’s glory in my life. And I love author who





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