The Clarke’s Court Christmas Bake Off

Nothing says Christmas in the Caribbean like baking. We know that right? A moist, black cake of decadent fruit is like Christmas currency. It’s really not a question of if, but a question of how many cakes can one collect for the season. Personally, I’m on cake number five. Then Clarke’s Court comes around to make me totally rethink the concept of Christmas baking with the Clarke’s Court and Blue Band Christmas Bake Off.
Clarke’s Court New Premium product ‘Black Gold’

Tucked away in a lush corner valley, south side of the country is Clarke’s Court Rum Factory, a World Class awarded distillery. The only other Caribbean island to hold this prestigious position is St. Lucia. So consider this sacred territory.


There’s a flavour for everyone here, even the picky-est, ‘stush-est’ palettes. So if you enjoy a fine combination of aromatics or you just want a tasty glass of rum to shock your system, Clarkey’s got you covered. This is not your under the counter, behind the stove joint. They have received Gold medals for #37 blend, Grenada Mojito, Rhthym Coconut Rum and Superior Light and Silver medals for Old Grog and Camerhogne Liqueur. As Kansime would say ‘Quality Product’.
Stock up on your Sorrel mix for the holiday

The bakers really couldn’t ask for better ingredients. One taste of the sorrel rum and I wished I was doing the baking. But hey, I was going still going to do the tasting. #winning

If the faces below are familiar, you probably recognize them from Grenada Cake Wars with two new buddies: Marsha Peters and Mavis Paul, who just happens to be Kellon’s mom. Our emccee warned that any child who beats his mother will be cursed…

But it seems like this was a chance Kellon was willing to take.
Now to the challenge:
1.Combine a special Clarke’s Court Rum with a secret ingredient for a bombastically flavoured cake.
2. Decorate said cake inspired by the festivities of the season and Clarke’s Court itself.
3. No traditional fruit cakes allowed


Here’s how it went down

 Ashphil Robinson


Ashphil presented a four tiered cake led by Rudolph and his stomping crew. The first bite was that sorrel+rum taste we all know. As my teeth sank further in, soft, gooey golden-apple stew hit me for a wonderful blend of flavour.

I also loved the separate details of each layer from brick-house chimney to winter wonderland and her vibrant used of colour. It was a beautiful complement to the cake.

Kellon Maximay

It was obvious that this baker knew rum. Clarke’s Court was fully represented not only in the perfectly stained, aged and labelled barrel but also in the well-defined flavour throughout the cake.

Kellon came heavy on the alcohol and zestyness to create a truly lemon lime cake with fresh trails of lemon-grass fragrance. I hope Moms was watching her back because the competition was heating up.

Mavis Paul


Speaking of mom, Mavis is a name used to mean all things sweet and she certainly lived up to it. With Rhythm Coconut Rum and Carambola fruit, you had to come right or don’t come at all. Mavis showed her skills by somehow blending the two flavours into one mouth-watering taste. You know the kind of cake that you blink and suddenly, there’s no more cake, because you ate it that fast. Yup.


She nestled it under a wintery snowglobe filled with snowman lollies and coconut shavings and of course, a bottle of Rhythm Coconut Rum.

Shelly Ramdeo

Santa must  have taken one look at our cocoa trees and rum and said “Christmas, who?” In fact, I won’t be surprised if he’s still parked up at Shelly’s place eating all her cake.


After all, if some one offered you a cake with a surprise inside of pineapple and mandarin compote in liqueur and spices, topped with liqueur and chocolate frosting, would you leave? Would you even remember you had gifts to deliver all around the world? I wouldn’t. That’s for sure.


Marsha Peters



With Spicy Rum and Fresh Sorrel, Marsha was our Christmas Ambassador. This was Grenadian Christmas in a cake. Look at that exquisite bottle!


The highlight of this cake was the fresh bits of sorrel. You know we are so used to drinking the sorrel, that I never considered baking with it. Marsha used it perfectly in this cake.

Sheena Gellineau



In case you didn’t know, Sheena kills fondant every time. Like every single time.

For this competition she does it not once, twice but three times: three separate cakes and two flavours. Coconut and Passion Fruit was perfumed in a creamy sponge cake to the judges’ delight. Come to think of it, is there anything that coconut doesn’t pair nicely with?


This competition would not be complete without a lil Black Gold cake miracle.
Look at the picture below. You can tell the difference but can you really tell the difference.


This is the work of none other than Mrs. Pierre out of St. Paul’s.
She’s obviously the fairy godmother of Cake-land.
Now for the results
Third Place: Mavis Paul
Second Place: Kellon Maximay
First Place: Shelly Ramdeo


This event has taught me a couple things.
1. Rum drinking doesn’t always end in drain blocking.
2. Christmas cake doesn’t have to be black cake.
But most importantly,
3. Any cake that’s soaked in rum is a winner.
Have a Merry Christmas yall and a cakelicious New Year!!
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