Moonlight Dinner at Sails Grenada

Island moons would fool you into thinking you can touch them. It’s mesmerising to watch alone but even more enjoyable with 3 things: people, music and food. Although a beach picnic or outdoor live entertainment was tempting, I found myself at Sails Grenada, a star restaurant (Trip Advisor certified) at the tip of the Carenage.

Moonlight Dinner Sails Restaurant

During the day, the Carenage bustles with trafficking, offloading, fishing and commuting. But the night vibe is totally different. Lamps hug the sidewalk at every curve and the seas bleeds its glittered soul. It’s very chill with the westward Caribbean Sea breezes that swirl into the harbour and the calm lapping of the waves against the still trawlers. The dining area gives a perfect view of this on the left and an equally stunning view of Grand Anse Beach to the right.

Moonlight Dinner Sails Restaurant


There was something very romantic about the atmosphere as well. It’s not just the low lighting but there’s intimacy in its open spaces. Since this was a mid-week outing, I didn’t expect a live band. However the supplementary pan instrumental of all the popular soca tunes was a soothing backdrop to our wait for the food’s arrival.

Moonlight Dinner Sails Restaurant

Considering that this is a seaside restaurant, the menu has a fair balance of fish, meat and veggie dishes, all with that familiar island flavour. Some of the vegetarian options include varieties of salad and sides, a chickpea and sweet potato burger and stuffed melongena. And when I asked for an off the menu option, they even offered a vegetable linguine. Eggplants, mushrooms, fresh and sun-dried tomatoes and local herbs served with a creamy, cheese sauce over linguine cooked al dente. Satisfying to say the least. Actually it was quite enjoyable.

Moonlight Dinner Sails Restaurant

With lobster off-season being May 1st – August 31st, my fellow review partner  had the catch of the day, grilled Snapper, with garlic sauce. This was served with a side of lightly satueed carrots and spinach. I will admit that there was a little friend who smuggled himself from the garden to the table, as if to prove to us that the vegetables were fresh and pesticide free. However, since this isn’t general restaurant protocol, we were graciously given a discount on our meal.

Moonlight Dinner Sails Restaurant

I’m not a heavy eater at  night so you will notice that there is no dessert but that did leave enough time to take beautiful pictures. This is location very instagrammable whether it’s candle-light selfies or seaside cocktails.

Moonlight Dinner Sails Restaurant


Although I was caught up in the lights for most of the night, I can’t forget to mention that there’s a jetty for dinghy owners, a bar for happy hour and a lounge/dance area for pretty much anything you want to use it for. They allow you to define your space and to a certain extent your eating experience. Every time I’ve dined here, I’ve had the most polite, friendliest servers. Shout out to Shamyia for shining the brightest energy and matching my picky appetite with the perfect meal. Sails Grenada, I’ll be back soon.


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