Oui Papa! It’s Ice Cream

Last year I ran a poll on Grenada’s favourite ice cream flavour and although I didn’t capture the entire population, I’d like to think that Nutmeg’s victory is a pretty accurate estimation.


But can I share a secret with you? I don’t have a favourite ice cream flavour. Sure, I have a go-to flavour but adventure lives on my palate when it comes to ice cream escapades. I love experimenting based on my mood; what I had for breakfast, what colour t shirt I’m wearing …Any excuse for the sake of spontaneity.


Spontaneity is the essence of the Grenadian Patois expression OUI PAPA! and it’s also the name of a fairly new dessert company in Grenada. Located at Container Park in True Blue, Oui Papa takes a loving and free-spirited approach to dessert that is becoming very popular among locals and expats.

It all started with a Facebook video. The one where the scoop is rolling across a soft, smooth batch of freshly crafted ice cream. Alas, I had been caught. On my first visit, I was stunned by the number of options available. Most of the names I had never heard before and some even required translation. I’m talking about you Mr. Boombastic. There were infusions of local spices and products and actual chunks of dessert and if I have to explain how exciting this is, then you are probably long overdue for a visit yourself.

Visit 1 Cocoa Tea and Spice Cream with Hot Chocolate Sauce+Cinnamon Muffin  

oui papa
Oui Papa’s Spicy Black Box

Oui Papa’s ice cream is very distinct in flavour, texture and blend. White Chocolate and Guava Ripple, Vanilla Honey Crunch, Stracciatella (if you love Jouvay you would love this), Oh La Banana, Caramel Shortbread and about ninety other flavours to choose from on any give day. You can purchase by the scoop or their black box which adds a dessert with chocolate or custard sauce. I kept it strictly Grenadian with the patriotic combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, bay leaf and cloves.

 Visit 2 Pumpkin Spice Latte and Almond Joy Ice Cream + Roundie

Oui Papa’s Black Box

I  regret not walking with my camera that day but who knew that I’d find one of my favourite chocolates revamped as an ice cream flavour. Almond Joy Ice Cream consisted of whole almonds and actual chunks of local Jouvay Chocolate. I paired that with the Roundie or round brownie which included a surprise center of chocolate sauce. And the Pumpkin Spice Latte was well spiked with signature spices and didn’t disappoint. It was like visiting for the first time all over again.

Visit 3 Caramel Cheesecake Pot

Cheesecake pots

A late night torturous perusal of their facebook page revealed that there was more to Oui Papa than ice cream and cake. So I had to switch it up the third time around.  The cheese cake pot was extra creamy and delicious and much more fun to eat that a slice. Temporary abandonment of new year resolutions never tasted better.

I am all here for these flavors. Yes my sweet tooth approves but I’m impressed by the creative use of our local ingredients, spices and products. Each dessert is unique and tastes like the sincerity of a home prepped dish every single time. 

Do you have a favorite flavor from Oui Papa or one that you will love to see in the future? Let us know below!

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