This Christmas: Dining Out

Maybe you haven’t visited home in decades or you’re coming to Grenada for the first time on the invite of a friend (a very wise friend, I might add). Or probably you have a deep appreciation for a Caribbean Christmas. Around this time, there is one thing that loved ones do best and that’s eat. As the holidays progress, there will be profusion of dishes, drinks and non-stop munching and if you choose to dine out, the fun begins now! Our local restaurants have prepared impressive menus for the season. All you need to do, is select a location.


Belmont Estate – Thursday 21st December, 2017

Belmont Estate is Grenada’s only Agri-tourism facility which features a museum, farm tours, previews of chocolate processing and tasting and restaurant dining on its 17th Century plantation. This year’s highly anticipated dinner menu combines Caribbean and European influences with Grenadian Christmas flavors that will remind you of the coziness of home.


Petite Anse Restaurant-Christmas Day

Just a twenty minute drive away from Sauteurs is this casual beach front restaurant at Petite Anse. Christmas day consists of a 3 course meal of hearty dishes (including gluten-free main courses) and a very tempting platter of tropical inspired desserts. While the post-meal fatigue creeps in, you can chill by the pool or take in the breezy coastline because somewhere on the North Pole, Santa is wishing he could do the same.

Christmas Menu Petite Anse 2017


The Armadillo-Christmas Day

Visit Bernie and Andrea at Mt. Rodney to experience Grenadian fusion cuisine at its finest. Their artful approach to cooking and customer service turns simple ingredients into memory-searing meals and customers into family. Be sure to book your reservation a day before, since they cook to order and feel free to express any special requests so that you may be accommodated. Call 417 5250, 442 1190 or click here to book online.


2. St。George’s

Coyaba Beach Resort-Christmas Night

Coyaba will host their traditional fine dining experience on Christmas night with a menu to satisfy the continental palette. There are gluten free options and the vegetarian dishes are well thought out to ensure the expectations of every patron is met. The honey-dipped tones of Grenada’s most talented entertainers “Treos” completes the package. Book by calling 444-2011.

Christmas in Coyaba 2017 V3


 The Deck at La Phare Bleu-Christmas Eve & Christmas Night

This year’s buffet will be orchestrated by Celebrity Chef Yvette LaCrette. Not only is she CTO’s Celebrity Chef of the Year and Naomi Campbell’s personal chef, but she is a daughter of the soil. She is known for transforming native spices and Grenadian ingredients into elevated cuisine and it would be a privilege to taste the Spice Isle re imagined  in the moonlight of Petite Calivigny Bay. You can book preferably online here, or call 444-2400.

Christmas Menu - December 2017 - Social Media

True Blue Bay Resort 12 Days of Christmas

There are just a couple days left in this 12 Day Celebration but still so much to do. Catch tomorrow’s Cooking Class with Esther and Omega and next week’s Rum and Chocolate Tasting Session. And many opportunities to brunch and dine at Dodgy Dock starting on Christmas Eve, right into Boxing Day. See all the mouthwatering menus below and bring your friends and family along!

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 4.12.45 PM
Christmas Eve Dinner
Christmas Day Dinner
Christmas Eve Brunch 2017
Boxing Day Buffet Menu
Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.34.15 AM

Savvy’s at Mount Cinnamon-Christmas Eve and Christmas Night

This Christmas, consider open-air dining at Saavy’s cabana. Choose between an authentic Italian buffet on Christmas Eve or traditional Christmas flavors on Christmas night. In fact, why don’t you choose both because these menus  are already sending not-so-secret signals to your tummy.

Christmas Special 17-1
Italian buffet-2
Italian buffet-1

3. St。 Andrew’s

By the Sea-Christmas Eve

This German-owned restaurant is one of the island’s hidden gems near Pearls Airstrip. Freshly-caught, grilled fish is served on the regular with house salads and some of the best gyros and burgers can be found here as well. This Christmas Eve, dine to the soulful sounds of the band “Legends” from 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., and enjoy the company of locals and foreigners who frequent this establishment.


4. St。 John’s


Rumboat Retreat-Christmas Day and Thursday 28th December, 2017

As the name indicates, Rumboat Retreat explores the nuances of Caribbean Rum at their bed & breakfast on Mt. Nesbitt. Their Christmas Day Dinner will be followed by an equally exciting Chocolate Evening. This year’s chocolate inspired menu will feature delectable pairings of quality chocolate, aged rums and authentic Grenadian ingredients. And the atmosphere will be seasoned with lively entertainment by the Back In Time band and local parang groups. Both evenings promise to be fabulous so place your reservation now.


 5. St。 David’s

La Sagesse Beachfront Restaurant-Christmas Day and Boxing Day

I have it on good word that this restaurant has never closed a day in 31 years. Not even during Hurricane Ivan! On Christmas Day, you can enjoy your favorites from their menu, or the addition of their Christmas Platter. Boxing Day is more relaxed with a Bar B Que of various meats while you take in the sunset, crinkling sand and sea breeze. With just a couple days left in the year, it’s best to enjoy as much as you can.


6. St。 Mark’s

Unfortunately there are no dining options available at this time.


7. Carriacou

The Callaloo at The Mermaid Hotel-Saturday 23rd December, 2017

According to Parang traditions on the Sister Isle, we shouldn’t call any names but this name is worth mentioning.  Chef Teroy is the ultimate grill master and this Christmas’ buffet will feature the best of his grilling, baking and roasting of your favorite Christmas meats.  Former owner of Big Citi Grill recently said goodbye to Union Island and guarantees that Carriacou patrons will fall in love with his bold flavors and creativity. Call 443 8286 to place your reservation.



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